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Beloved Pet Wax Seal Charm, paws charm, paws necklace, hand stamped disc, dog charm, cat charm, in memory, family, pet set, pet necklace

Beloved Pet Wax Seal Charm paws charm paws by gildedlilycharms

Theme Wax Seal Charm Necklace, DIY, create your own, favorite things, what I like, makes me happy, free charm, charm holder, choose your own

Theme Wax Seal Charm Necklace DIY create your by gildedlilycharms

Always Find Your Way Home, wax seal charms, North Star, longitude/latitude, charm bracelet, college student, young adult, family, friend

Always Find Your Way Home wax seal charms by gildedlilycharms

Wax Seal Initial Bracelet for Mother, Grandmother, Mom, Grandmom, children's initials, create your own, charm bracelet, alphabet, letters

Wax Seal Initial Bracelet for Mother by gildedlilycharms on Etsy

Mermaid Wax Seal Charm, water nymph, temptress, half woman half fish, under the sea, bronze mermaid, silver mermaid, mermaid necklace

Mermaid Wax Seal Charm water nymph temptress by gildedlilycharms

Gratitude Wax Seal Charm, Chinese symbol, silver gratitude charm, bronze gratitude charm, be thankful, give thanks, gratitude necklace

Gratitude Wax Seal Charm Chinese symbol silver by gildedlilycharms

22 kt Gold North Star Wax Seal Charm, navigate, direction, home, path, sailor, star, true north, wax seal jewelry, north star necklace

Pearl and Sterling Silver Necklace, mother-of-pearl, trio necklace, flat round pearls and silver beads, handmade pearl and silver necklace

Pearl and Sterling Silver Necklace by thegildedlilystore on Etsy

Layered Pink and Purple Fused Glass Pendant