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Solanum dulcamara - Bittersweet also known as Woody Nightshade. This relative of the deadly nightshade is also a poisonous plant, but far less so than its notorious cousin. The twigs, roots & bark are used in herbal medicine.

Chinese lantern plant... skeleton with fruit, looks perfect for my deadly, dark and wicked garden!!

12 Deadliest Garden Plants

Dubbed "the most violently toxic plant that grows in North America" by the USDA, water hemlock (cicuta maculata) can strike you dead within 15 minutes of ingestion. The poison cicutoxin attacks the central nervous system, causing severe seizures and convulsions that turn deadly as a result of asphyxia and cardiovascular collapse. | Photo: JW Stockert |

Hallucinogenic Amazonian plant used to poison spear tips found growing in Suffolk garden

Pretty but deadly: The Datura Stramonium or Devil's Snare has a poison that causes dry mouth, blurred vision, heart irregularities, hallucinations, and eventually coma and death in severe cases.