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“You worthless bitch” #maleentitlement #misogyny

“You worthless bitch”

It really is. I wish the person that hurt me  would understand. But it's like talking to a brick wall.

thats all its been doing for years so dont tell me it gets better ive been going trough this since grade

nobody wants me.not even my parents.my mum already left when was seven and my father wants to send to a foster home or metal hospital he's just making me wait is this silent painful torture

Why such a worthless fucking piece of shit like me would be here? I don't even deserve to grow old.

I've got NO RESPECT for men who lie, who manipulate people to get what they want,  knowing  exactly what they are doing the entire time.  They are truly WORTHLESS PIGS!

Why Are Narcissists Are So Dangerous?

I refuse to be subjected to your mind games and lies. I will not play a part in your constant drama. You will not manipulate me, nor will you control me. Frankly, you can just fuck off.

When you meet that one person,the right one, the love of your life, you'll know it.Simply because, whatever life throws at you, they won't ever leave.

Mmhmm we've been thru some serious shit but I feel like we're stronger than ever now cause we know , no matter what life throws at us, that we're gonna make it thru.

6783620a5de0453dff0dd977bdcbe965.jpg (736×736)

6783620a5de0453dff0dd977bdcbe965.jpg (736×736)

*everyone i know gets up and leaves, because I'm hideous and full of stupid little depressing thoughts*

Johnnie, please don't stop seeing whatever it is that you see in me. I live for the moments that you're proud of me, and the moments you look so happy just because I'm being me

French Toast Layer Cake by @Kristan Roland. Is Heaven like this cake? I think so.

French Toast Layer Cake -- cinnamon cake, buttery maple frosting, and cinnamon maple ganache. Delicious Cake for birthday