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Technic1200s by da_fam_immediate

Ubiquity Records A selection of tables from Technics.it's the bench mark and standard. “Ubiquity Records A selection of tables from Technics.it's the bench mark and standard.

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Prototype “Prototype” by Didier Gerardin aka kreadid cassette tape lp vinyl record player


How Technics became the world’s most popular turntable - The Vinyl Factory - the Home of Vinyl

Ubiquity Records Vox Discotape Unit (1971) ... ‪#‎disco‬ ‪#‎djdecks‬…

Vox Discotape Unit Early portable DJ unit I don't know whether this product actually went on production. It is kind of laughable, but it .

Music strengthens the heart and improve the recovery of patients suffering from heart disease

I disagree with this "listen to your heart" post. I don't always listen to my heart because my heart/desires are so foolish sometimes and can lead me into dumb things. Mind always has to be in control. That's why I pray, read, and learn a lot!

sorryiwasunderthesky:    mybuns:    fuckuturn:    Amoeba Music in Hollywood, CA.    ive BEEN there mAN    I’M GOING THIS SUNDAY AFTER TAME IMPALA

Amoeba Records, LA, Los Angeles, California this is absolutely a destination if we ever plan a road trip

Music has the ability to change your entire mood. Music is my drug of choice

People are addicted to different things. I'm addicted to music, not drugs.

pioneer technics polyvox kenwood telefunken gradiente

djsavone: “ "Reachin for the heavens since the bliss fell from the elevated, I speak wit Technics like a - Common ”

Just desserts :)

Food for the Soul i just might do this for my next dinner party. records as placemats