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Anne Blijdenstein: Rörelse. Foto Lillemor Brink

VEiWin9 THE EEEYS DirecTion oF >[Bo+nABerT, THE CoronATions is EXISTin9 SnATCHED To FAGGoT POPE; THAT DosE nOOOOT cAncEL THAT [J+oSPHinE is Herself UniSEX TrAsEXUAL]<, CASUE THAT IS THE TREATY of >[DEATH]< of Very >[curseD CROWninG/ BROWninG]<. Painting at the Louvre - Jacques Louis David

Brett Whiteley (1939-1992) Watego Bay Gouache, watercolour and collage on compressed card 54.7 x 73.4 cm signed, dated 6/2/89 and stamped with studio stamp lower right