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Maud Vantours

Colors are key! Each color can be expressed by its shade! For example the color yellow, a bright color yellow could be worn for a fun summer/spring outfit! Where as a darker more mustard yellow is a perfect autumn shade!

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How to Applique

Appliqué is a fun way to express yourself. Learn How to Applique by following these simple steps. It's easier than you think.

I love trains in the winter. When I was a young child in 1950 trains were longer. I know this for a fact. How do I know? I used to count the cars attached to the two big engines required to pull all of the attached load!! Some times I would count over 'four hundred' cars going down the tracks. I would sometimes become dizzy counting all those cars. And it was very exciting

Dúvida da Leitora #8

o meu formato é bem mais o quadrado curto , veja como as pessoas pensam de suas unhas e o que você deveria pensar

Jessica Rimondi I like how the paint validates the emotions and expressions within this portrait, by the limited palette it structures the shapes and forms. Then to have a deeper depth of what is trying to be convey and incorporated by the use of the paint with the techniques being able to enforce the concepts. I would like to experiment with my own developments to have a source of vivid expression, to allow the painting to speak for itself and not have any narrative connotation towards it…