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Intravenous infusion of autologous CB in young children with ASD is safe and feasible. Signifiant improvements in behavior were observed in the first six months post-infusion sustained at 12 months an.

Baby You Have A Choice, 'Cause You Burn My Ears With Your Magic Voice. I'm A Paper Doll, You Can Tear Me Up, We'll Be The Broken Lovers With The Poison Cup.

Vampire women (and even a relatively high percentage of men) are OBSESSED with lipstick. Contrary to popular belief, they wear little to no eye makeup, just so their lips-- and their fangs-- and emphasized.


I Owe You Nothing knife logo iron on embroidered patch Light pink and black Measures 3

"where are you going with that?" i asked, nervously. she just smiled.

Item & Location: Dotty's weapon of choice. Add blood, fresh and dried. She keeps it by the entrance of the apartment.

by Masashi Wakul

This is what I imagine the light coming from the dance hall may look like and part of what I want to go for in my snapshot.

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on your feet // footwear // shoes // socks // aesthetic // fashion // non-gendered

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The effects of cocaine addiction on the body vary due to a host of factors—including cocaine purity, method of use, and dosage levels.