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#cranberry #chanberries

#cranberry #chanberries

Joey Dates Rachel

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Funny pictures about Phoebe Was A Master Of Pick-Up Lines. Oh, and cool pics about Phoebe Was A Master Of Pick-Up Lines. Also, Phoebe Was A Master Of Pick-Up Lines photos.

My Childhood: Boy Meets World

i still love and watch kids tv shows today but nothing will beat the love and time i spent watching and enjoying tv shows such as BOY MEETS WORLD! Even tempted to watch the spin off of Girl Meets World

Monica and Chandler throughout the years. So sweet!

Morning coffee (40 photos)

Day Friends, the TV show.

Ross and rachel baby names

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Friends - Fat Monica and Skinny Monica just watched this episode !

Chandler...a real man

Friends TV Show.Wallpaper and background photos of Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) for fans of Joey & Chandler images.

They are perfect for each other!

"Okay bye babe, I love you. Did you just say you love me?" "Okay, well, bye. I love you." "I love you too.

Phoebe meets Mike's parents on Friends

How to Meet the Parents: The Non-Phoebe Way

The One When Phoebe Meets Mike's Parents. This dialogue is just awesome. As is Friends in general!