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Spring Break with the bff
Do you find yourself tight on money but craving an adventure? You can still road trip across the country on a budget if you follow these tips.
summer is when you hang with your bestfriend all the time and never want to go home
Spring break is a time to forget about your carefully crafted workout regimen, abandon responsibilities, and party. But getting wasted at home isn't any fun, which is why Outside has teamed up with the authors of 101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die to bring you some of the best spring-break destinations. Atlantic Beach #1? Who knew?
Amazing fort for a girly night in! <3
How to Decorate an Entryway - Rooms For Rent blog
Blue Ceramic Fish    Fish Ornament   Marine Decor by jorgemealha, €35.50
Don't forget your sunglasses while packing for vacation! http://drrosenak.com/
Hi, friends- You might think that a post about refinishing a door is boring.  But I promise that this is not a boring topic.  Instead, this post is super exciting and about a product that has changed my life (well, my front door’s life, at least), and made my home’s entrance look amazing!  And no, …