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yiannis krikis photography

yiannis krikis photography

Public school door knob

Here's a Vintage brass New York public school door knob from been trying to add a few unusual door knobs around our 104 year old .

copperhead snake | The Copperhead is Northern Virginia's only venomous snake, although ...

Snake animal totem shows up to announce a change is coming. It's time to shed the old and make way for the new. Snake is the symbol of rebirth and can represent healing energy in your life. Do you have the healing touch or are you in need of some healing?

Pictures Snakes In Tennessee - Bing Images  Copperhead!!!

How to Keep Copperheads Away From Your Home

Snake Symbolism: My cat, Dusty trapped a small rattlesnake! Yes a rattlesnake in my living room, two days ago! It spit it's venom four feet across the room! We were able


The Brass Monkey of Stanthorpe, Queensland - the place known for its "brass monkey weather", complete with a set of balls

The Collector's Shelving System: Remodelista

The Collector's Shelving System

The Collector's Shelving System - Amuneal: Magnetic Shielding & Custom Fabrication

Brass Monkey, mini beer garden  55 Little West 12th St., New York, NY 10004 , nr. Washington St

Brass Monkey - - Meatpacking District - New York Magazine Bar Guide