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@Jeff Sheldon Rubio Payne thank you so much for being who you are :)

I honestly don't like when people say this. You don't need scars to have a story. A girl could be going through something absolutely horrible, but just handles it differently. EVERYONE has a story.

You should see his resemblance to David Beckham! Like whoa

Comparison of Liam to David Beckham and Justin Timberlake

Aaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I just laughed for five minutes straight.

Liam James Payne, making the duckface cute since 1993

Google Image Result for http://onedirectionwallpaper.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/liam-liam-payne-one-direction-smile-Favim.com-310283.jpg

Liam Payne, One Direction he loves me hehe

Liam's still afraid of spoons! That's my boy, I don't use spoons either.

Yes, a spoon. he's scared of a spoon. It's ok to be scared of something.


Liam James Payne DO NOT make that face at me. Would you like me to die?

Poor li... It's okayyy^^ Man has he grown up! Now he talked about his underwear and his manhood like its nothing!

daddy direction was sagging(; its okay though, cuz hes just too damn sexy to be mad at ♥

14+-+1 (426×320)

14+-+1 (426×320)