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Adam would love this!!!!

Cookie Monster doesn't seem too happy with his new healthy diet! cookie monster likes cookies!

The goal of chiropractic care is to locate and correct subluxations-- serious nervous system stress. Chiropractic enables the immune system to function more effectively, something all allergy suffers need since a nervous system with less stress functions more effectively. The Joint Southpark Meadows gives adjustments 7 days a week! Call us 65122923500

Snuffleupagus was one of my favorite Sesame Street characters! Find out other cool facts by tuning in to Sesame Street every weekday morning at

True story.  Though I do enjoy hiking and beaching and the like.

Christmas gifts ideas

Im outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios. erinmavrides Im outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios. Im outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios.

the longer you look the better it gets

ah-good-sir-i-do-believe-i-have-shat-my-pantaloons.jpg pixels Ah good sir I do believe I have shat my pantaloons. This is the best meme of all time.

monstruo comegalletas meme - Google Search

Funny pictures about Cookie Monster's Internet Settings. Oh, and cool pics about Cookie Monster's Internet Settings. Also, Cookie Monster's Internet Settings photos.


11 Ways You’re Forcing Him to Run

Yup. That's me. :D

SATURDAY - A funny thing happened on the way to an estate sale. Whenever There’s a Problem With My Car // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Yoy know who u are.

You drink too much. You swear too much. You have no morals. You're everything I've ever wanted in a friend! Peck & Rowton your my besties!

Why hasn't someone done this?

Because there seems to be a suspicious trend here.((the very funny thing is that I was listening to Pandora when I read this and a Taylor Swift song had just come on lol))

Great Pearl of Wisdom!! LOL - Just wish it said "Woman" Ewww! I hate grammatical errors such as this!

So true. funny quote about women. For more jokes and hilarious quotes for women visit www.