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DIY Flower Heart Card Tutorial for Valentines Day, Easy craft!

DIY Flower by Hearts Card Tutorial

Great Christmas card--easy enough to replicate and flat so it will go through the mail

Today I'm hopping with Vera Yates and a ton of super fabulous folks to promote the Caring Hearts Card Drive !

Beautiful bookmarks or gift tags DIY...great for our holiday gifts for the nursing homes                                                                                                                                                                                 More

15 Easy Ideas to DIY Bookmarks

DIY~ Make bookmarks, gift tags, place cards, etc~ Would be a fun project with the kids!

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DIY Card Little Inspiration. You could also adapt it to be a person(stick figure maybe) and the string is the arms with the quote I love you this much!

Butterfly Place Cards

Place Card - Borboleta (10 und)

Celtic Heart Knot video presented by J. D. Lenzen of FusionKnots.com. He has an excellent video on his Tying It All Together Youtube channel, showing how to tie this knot with a single rope. I recommend watching this video to see the knot in action before trying to tie the knot on the card. This is his video tutorial:

Woven Together Valentine

How to tie a Celtic Heart Knot (as well as other knots). for a possible Valentine necklace, bracelet, gift wrap.

beautiful simple craft to do to add to any room or give as gift. tutorial from rebecca cooper blog

friday craft day - hearts on a stick

As a classy yet equally adorable message, make a Vintage Valentine on a Stick for all of your friends. These simple crafts for kids are cute as the button used to top them off. Stick with it this Valentine's Day, and give these to all of your BFFs.