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Wildkatze auf Baum

Wildkatze auf Baum

Britain's only remaining wild cat

Description of the Scottish Wildcat species and its behaviour

The Asian golden cat

The Asian Golden Wild Cat The Asian golden cat (Pardofelis temminckii, syn. Catopuma temminckii), also called the Asiatic golden cat and Temminck's cat, is a medium-sized wild cat of Southeastern Asia.

African Dessert Cat

Nr African Wild Cat (There are three distinct races of European wild cat. The African wild cat (Lybica group) is found throughout Africa (excluding Western African rainforest) and the Middle East)

Wild cat in a funny position

European Wildcat (Felis sylvestris sylvestris) in a funny position

WILDCATS....live in Africa, Europe, and Southwest & Central Asia into India, western China, and Mongolia in forests, steppes, & bush areas....measure 26 inches long with a 13.5 inch tail....weigh 11 to 18 pounds....an ancestor to the domestic cat....several of the 22 subspecies are endangered, like the Scottish (under 400), the German (under 5,000), the Polish (100-150) wild cats

☀BWC Scottosh Wild Cat - Showing off the distinctive Wild Cat tail. WC Scottosh Wild Cat - Showing off the distinctive Wild Cat tail. by wendysalisbury *