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A few Swatch best sellers from the 1980s: “Ruffled Feathers,” “Tonga, “St. Catherine Point,” and “Coral Gables.” From Swiss Made: The Untold Story of Switzerland’s Success, courtesy of Profile Books

I totally remember swatches. I had several. A few Swatch best sellers from the

Swatch Sistem51 Under $200 Automatic Watch Now For Sale - see the collection, get the story - The Swatch Sistem51 watch collection is finally out for sale (in some places). Are you excited? If you don't know what it is allow me to explain. At Baselworld 2013 the Swatch Group announced what is probably a major breakthrough in watchmaking; a new automatic mechanical movement that is completely assembled by machines and is priced around 100 - 200 Swiss Francs...

Swiss made, the Swatch watch SISTEM WHITE features a automatic movement, a silicone strap and a plastic watch head. Discover more Originals on the Swatch Canada website.

Liz Claiborne Perfume 1987. Early 20's, this is the perfume I used. WM

Liz Claiborne Liz Claiborne perfume - a fragrance for women 1986

Swatch Watch with Guard - I had so many of these things!!  LOVED THEM as only an 80s teenager could.

Haha the old swatch face guard for those who wear there watches on the inside!

skull prayer beads

White Rebel Swatch Watch

You can get watches like this at Swatch or almost anywhere they sell quality watches.Wallpaper and background photos of Nice Male Watch for fans of Viva la Fashion images.

Interesting Watches.

Interesting watches - reminds me of the first Swatch I got in grade ;

I'm not usually a collector, but I'd love to hoard Swatch watches, especially those from my childhood/adolescence. LBW

Swatch watch Lime Rebel is one of the many original watches from the New Gent family, is available in color green, designed for men and women

I had a Swatch watch for every outfit...I remember some people use to wear more than one at a time.

I had the clear one, and the black one and the strawberry scented one. And of course, clear swatch watch guards.