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Are night-time toilet trips damaging your career? - Getting up in the middle of the night to wee is annoying, but nocturia - night-time urination - can also affect your working day. By Debra Waters

Most Brits don’t do enough exercise The majority of people living in England are putting their health at risk by not doing enough exercise, according to new research.

Have you fallen for the placebo effect? - Most doctors have prescribed unnecessary treatments to their patients. By Jane Murphy

Burps, tummy rumbles and body odour. Why do we have such embarrassing bodies? - Our bodies' natural functions cause us constant embarrassment - who hasn't burped in public, forgotten to zip up their flies or sat through a meeting with a noisily rumbling stomach? By Jane Murphy

Angelina Jolie speaks out about mastectomy - The mother-of-six has opened up in the New York Times about her decision to have a double mastectomy, following her mother's death from breast cancer. By Catherine Cooper

Want to know why women live longer than men? - Women's immune systems may hold the key to understanding why they live longer than men, according to new research. By Robin Yapp

:) Haha!!! attention to YOUR OWN grass!!! In other words...take care of your OWN lawn/Self!!!! Haha!!!

Make plans to bring your friends down to the Outfield Sports Bar located at The Loft Dance Club on Wednesday and let's sing the night away with karaoke from to Cajun Phatty's is open from Wednesday through Saturday come try their delicious entrées.

Sometimes Mondays are magical fresh starts to a productive week, aaaaaaaand sometime they just f'n suck. #Mondayze #Word

Fingerfood: Lachs-Gurken-Spießchen mit Frischkäse (Schöner Tag noch!)