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Black Labrador Retriever, Original Black and White Collograph, Black Lab, Dog Print - Charlie 2

Original, textured, black and white collograph of a Labrador Retriever | Bonnie Murray | In a collagraph, the plate is built up and manipulated by the artist, using a collage-like process which combines materials as diverse as cardboard, fabric, gesso, PVA glue, string, sandpaper, tissue, and found objects. The artist can also draw lines into the gesso before it hardens | As a result, the plate may print as both relief and intaglio. Collagraph prints are usually pulled on a press

Lab Art, Black Labrador Retriever, Original Fine Art, Collograph, Print - Let's Go

Fabric Design with Blue Flowers | Attributed to Paul Poiret (French, 1879-1944) | Gouache and stencil over graphite | France, ca. 1918-1925

linocut process...printing on pre-used paper, such as an old dictionary page

Sidewall, 'Scattered Flowers' | | USA, 1960-1966 | Screen-printed on paper | Over gold metallic ground, textured imitation silk fabric, scattered white,beige, bright yellow daisies, pansies, columbines, etc | Cooper-Hewitt

Selvedge magazine: The Fabric of your life: textiles in Fashion, Fine Art, Interiors, Travel and Shopping - Selvedge