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Insects After The Rain…or morning dew.  This is not unusual since water droplets collect on the insects and they have to dry out before they can fly.

Insects After The Rain…

Funny pictures about Insects After The Rain. Oh, and cool pics about Insects After The Rain. Also, Insects After The Rain.

This is awesome...ant with a water-absorbing polymer that can absorb approximately 400 times its weight in water.

Pictures of the day: 29 February 2012

Funny pictures about An ant pushing some water. Oh, and cool pics about An ant pushing some water. Also, An ant pushing some water photos.

Ant & World by teguh santosa, via 500px

Water drop with insect.using symmetry and focus background highlights the water drop and insect with green and red contrast.the drop looks like a glass marble resting on a glass table.

I don't know if those are real water droplets with a flower's reflection or not, but it looks so neat!

Yellow Ladybugs and reflection of the flower in the water drops.

Siamo come formichine sulla crosta di un pianeta infinito e quella piccola parte di mondo che riusciamo a vedere è sempre falsata dalla nostra percezione della realtà. Ciascuno vive in un mondo solo suo.


Ant pushing a water droplet. because, the ant has something to guard. people like this ant can supercharge their lives.