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They will work hard and never stiff you. They will go deep to get your business.

Warning: This post contains crudely drawn penises. Because growing up is overrated.

When sightseeing in London, you notice things you haven't noticed before...

When sightseeing in London, you notice things you haven't noticed before...

NOTICE: Thank You for Noticing This Notice - Your Noticing it Has Been Noticed and Will be Reported to the Authorities.

"All you can eat buffet. Not mean all day buffet. You no come stay 4 hour. You eat - You go home.

Real estate humor | Quiet neighbors across the street - no one there | Renovus.re 1 solution for agents at 1 price |

Funny pictures about Really Quiet Neighbors. Oh, and cool pics about Really Quiet Neighbors. Also, Really Quiet Neighbors photos.


"Spring is Here, So I wet my plants"! Creative and fun advertising in the spring for Landscape and Gardening businesses.

Illustrated signage....

Brilliantly Sarcastic Responses To Completely Well-Meaning Signs- Open Range

hahahahaha i don't know why i find this so funny...

"That'll be a short run".signs without no meaning. Dog run. No dogs past here.

I think I missed my calling. I could have been a shoe repair person.  I love the "fixing" and the shoes.

Shoe repair sign: "I will heel you. I will save your sole. I will even dye for you.

Where we will soon be living!

Do you live in Lickey End or come from the Village of Climax? The rudest place names in the world

That's horrible! ......but I laughed anyway

Lost Parrot

Funny pictures about Lost Parrot. Oh, and cool pics about Lost Parrot. Also, Lost Parrot photos.

Food for thought

Funny and silly signs: Funny zoo sign: Please Be Safe! Do not stand, sit, climb or lean on fences. If you fall, animals could eat you and that might make them sick!


Les meilleures publicités pour la fête de la musique !

In a hilarious bit of guerilla marketing, radio station Rock in Glasgow, Scotland set up an empty guitar rack with a sign above it reading ‘Free Air Guitar – Please Take One.

Funny pictures about When the office's door closes. Oh, and cool pics about When the office's door closes. Also, When the office's door closes.