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Street artists Zebrating are an incredible duo from Mannheim, Germany. Zebrating loosely translates to, ‘making the zebra’, which describes their artistic

What a fantastic imagination some street art artists have!  Who would have thought to dress up an ordinary pylon by painting a spectacular aboriginal hand? I notice the column in the background is also painted the same. This is beautiful.

Why should city infrastructure be boring? Why not add a bit of paint and give life some spice. Life should be fun! More - [cool interaction of art with the real world]

by Pantonio in Covilha, Portugal, 10/15 (LP)

New mural by in Covilhã, Portugal for the Wool Festival.

Urban Art Blog // September Vol 2 - Mr Pilgrim Street Artists Online                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The escape, Lyon, France 2012 - by OakOak, French

Street Art Murals by SAINER - Lodz, Poland based street artists Bezt and Sainer teamed up and created gigantic murals on side building walls throughout Poland.

Street Art by SAINER

Polish duo Etam Cru (Sainer) - The Last Mohican - Oslo, Norway, 2013

The Wynwood Walls. The place is located just a few minutes away from Downtown Miami and there's no way that you're not going to be amazed with all the drawings, graffiti and other street art.

Top 10 Amazing Places to Visit When You're in Miami

One of the best ways to experience the artistic side of the city known for wild partying, is visiting the Wynwood Walls. Since the opening in the Wynwood Walls are a place where the artists in Miami give another charming view to this city.

Graffiti Artist Turns A Bridge Into Realistic LEGO Street Art<< awesome! But how the hell did he get up there?!

Street Artist Megx Creates Giant Lego Bridge in Germany. How lovely it would be if all bridges were painted like this. the travel would be so much better.

COLORFUL GEISHAS GRAFITTI - The creations of anglais street artist HUSH, mixing techniques of collage, graffiti, stencil, painting and drawing with talent in a world populated by Japanese geisha, dressed in this colorful mix that characterizes painted walls… The result is simply beautiful.

HUSH – Between Geisha and Street Art

Geisha Street Art Hush is a street artist who is inspired by Japanese culture for his works. You can recognize manga-style elements and above all the figure of the geisha.