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Suminagashi Painting - the art of floating ink-Suminagashi is originally ancient Chinese, then Japanese technique of Painting on water. This art of floating ink requires a steady hand, both in applying the ink or paint to the water, and then in placing the paper on the surface to pick up the ink. The success of the technique also depends heavily on a grasp of fluid dynamics, in addition to basic artistic ability. The artistic side of things takes on more importance depending on the…

Marble art - drop coloured ink into water and place paper on top - reminds me of doing this in primary school, so much fun and very interesting too

Splatter painted music note These will be all over my house, and in different types of notes.

TOP 10 Fantastic Ways to Make Marbled Paper

There is something about marbled surfaces that looks so chic. No wonder the marbling trend is huge lately. DIY-ers are getting crazy marbling everything they can think of. If you want to try marbling but are still skeptical, we encourage to look at these fantastic tutorials for making marbled paper. This is a great way to start marbling as paper is a great medium for it. You can use marbled paper to create stunning art, envelopes, garlands etc. Marbling paper can be a great craft to try with…

Витражи "Магнолии" Is this real??? Their website says this ... Stained glass is designed for installation in a glazed bead ... I wonder what that means? The lines don't look like soldering - they are too fine and perfect all around.

How to marble ceramic: Use a base of shaving cream, add drops of ceramic paints, swirl, and dip item to create marbled effect. I've tried this, and it's kind of fun.

DIY Rustic Acorn Marble Ornaments

These homemade DIY rustic acorn marble ornaments make a wonderful Chrismas craft and decoration. They look beautiful on the Christmas tree. Handmade nature crafts like this also make a great gift idea for kids to make!