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Druantia is the Celtic Goddess of Fir Trees and Fertility. Also called the Queen of the Druids, she rules over sex and passion. She is credited with the creation of the Celtic tree calendar.

Alice sat down next to the lonely soul. "the mad hatter.that's what people call me. Alice looked at him and gently touched his hand. "i don't think you're mad." he gave her a sad smile, "well you would be the first.

medieval gown. Elle the dragon slayer

Embroidery style for Nadia's Chapter Two dress (in Morgana's dress's colors) Also, Nina's Chapter Three hair

"I'll ink darkness to these pages and then we will see who is truely white as snow." - The Queen.

witch & owl - costume idea for cold weather trick or treating

Johnathon Earl Boswer  http://www.jonathonart.com/intro.html

The Maiden: Persephone. In Greek mythology, Persephone also called Kore ("the maiden") is the daughter of Zeus and the harvest-goddess Demeter, who, after being abducted by Hades, became queen of the underworld.

". . . . the world itself has changed. There was a time when a traveler, if he had the will and knew only a few of the secrets, could send his barge out into the Summer Sea and arrive not at Glastonbury of the monks, but at the Holy Isle of Avalon; for at that time the gates between the worlds drifted within the mists, and were open, on to another, as the traveler thought and willed."

once upon a time a Beautiful queen, named Serenity, yearned for a child. An old forest women, steeped in sorcery told Queen Serenity she could have a child by performing an ancient rite. A priestess?