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By Molly McGonigleWhile it's not for everyone, we think there's nothing sexier than a guy with good hair. Since Chris Hemsworth's new movie "Rush" hits theaters on Sept. 20 -- and we're really missing his long locks -- we thought we'd round up other gentlemen who look good with long hair. Chris Hemsworth is still hot with short hair, but there was something special about his long locks. And whether it was up in a bun or hanging freely around his face, it all looked real good on this Aussie.

Another close image of Clarron Mcbeth, he has the facial features and coloring for the Northland swordsman...but this guy has something else up his sleeve...www.denicegarrou-dragonhorse.com

Wider shot of Fingolfin candidate. ...No, but still has potential for a few generations down. Earendil, maybe. (Mike Leuenberger)

Eagle Feather To My Heart I must admit that when I buy a magazine and it has menswear spreads, I pay little attention as there generally isn't much by way of inspiration in them for me, usually. However, when I saw this spread in the latest issue of Dansk, featuring the stunning Baptiste Giabiconi, I was all kinds of inspired.

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