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It all starts to make sense..... And ya can never really get enough medicine to the people!! Aloha Ohana ~ ~ ~ ~

Look up ~ look down... Sacred Geometry is all around! Spirals surround us world wide... Can you see one by your side!?

There's a beautiful Sagittarius full moon out there right now & she's giving us the confidence to say “yes” !! We are being asked to take a chance, and make that new beginning. We are being asked to not let a moment pass by in this wonderful life, but to seize each and every opportunity for happiness and adventure. We are fully supported to lead our lives with truth and passion.

FULL MOON rising in ☆Aquarius☆ Aquarius, the water bearer, brings inklings of expansive vision and a new breath release which comes after facing our struggles. Time to take some good deep breaths and remember that amidst all the movement, change, and turmoil stirring in our world, we have the power to ground ourselves wherever we are, and anchor into the stillness within.

Flower of Fuego ~ #woodfordfolkfestival #heartmala #floweroflife #fire #dance

Celebrate LIFE in sacred style <3 @

M*E*T*A*M*O*R*P*H*O*S*I*S such a courageous journey ahead... Soon time to trust & spread... Your wings... And fly!

Waterfall heaven ~ Niagara Falls ~ wonder of our world!