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Minik: An inspiration to us all

Minik the Wonder Cat. LOVE special needs kitties! I love that kitties with no eyes act just like any other!

African grey parrot steps onto hand

All You Need to Know About Taking Care of African Grey Parrots

Pet parrot saves owner from sex attack.WHEN Rachel Mancino was attacked in the park by a suspected sexual predator, it was the unlikeliest of heroes who came to her rescue.

Kızıl sinek kuşu

Rufous hummingbird (selasphorus rufus) by Caroline C.

marvellous parrots

Explore amazing art and photography and share your own visual inspiration!

Owl Eyes

NightLife: Nocturnal NightLife

Get nocturnal with NightLife this week as we learn all about (and interact with) creatures of the night.

Boy do they! #parrotmemes #parrothumor

Boy do they! #parrotmemes #parrothumor

Rose breasted cockatoo

Major Mitchell Cockatoo, native to western New South Wales and Queensland (Lophochroa leadbeateri)