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Hilarious Illustrations of Cats, Ninjas, Zombies and More - My Modern Metropolis

Hilarious Illustrations of Cats, Ninjas, Zombies and More

Archway that looks like it's made of books?? <-- at the doorway so they enter 'through books' into the library which could be decorated as 'another land'

Be rebellious: read and break down barriers / Selçuk Demirel

Man Lassoing Book

A man riding a horse, lassoing a book of arithmetic.

No me canso de leer!!

"Overbooked" acrylic painting by Lori Preusch This image is available as a studio print at dandelion press.

Perfecte combinatie

An improvement of my fantasy of being deserted on a tropical island.


Dad protecting child from all the modern technology with a book

İdeolojiler bizi ayırsa da, rüyalar ve dertler biraraya getirir.!!!  -Eugene Ionesco [1909 - 1994]

Seek knowledge, not Results. (Posts by The Business Woman)

Viatjant amb els llibres / Viajando con los libros / Traveling with books

Have Book Will Travel Patrick Girouard was assigned the task of creating the visuals for the 2013 Illinois Library Association’s iREAD® Summer reading project. The theme was “Have Book Will Travel”.


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A Good Mystery: Why We Read - New York Times

A Good Mystery: Why We Read

Temo un uomo di poche parole temo un uomo che tace l'arringatore - posso superarlo il chiacchierone - posso intrattenerlo ma colui che pondera mentre tutti gli altri spendono tutto ciò che hanno di questo diffido temo che egli sia grande.  Emily Dickinson

The dog who ate the book .: 5 literary illustrations of José Rosero / 5 literary illustrations by José Rosero