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STRANGER THINGS-Inspired Oreos With "The Upside Down" Cream and Other Horror-Themed Cookies

Your Horror Movie Survival Guide - honestly, I'm a little offended by the witchcraft reference. pentagrams are not a Satanic symbol unless actually used by Satanists. it is a Pagan symbol and a symbol of protection.  and the Satanists stole it from the Pagans to begin with (as did the Christians long, long ago).

Horror stories provide good lessons for how to survive. This infographic takes a look at what life lessons we can learn through horror movies.

Friday the 13th Ice Cream Treat

‘Human Centi-Peach,’ ‘Camp Crystal Cake,’ and other horror movie-inspired Ben and Jerry’s flavors

When I decided to kill time and enhance the Halloween season by substituting products with creativity, I never expected that the Hi-C H.