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The French Cuff Bottle Openers - Hammacher Schlemmer

These are the cufflinks that open bottles as easily as they secure French button cuffs. They’re available from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Typo Preventing Electronic Typewriter - Hammacher Schlemmer

This is the electronic typewriter with a typo-flagging dictionary and a full-line memory that lets you correct your work before committing it to paper.

beds by bean2bed.com

Get your Beanbag Bed. Three in one beanbag, mattress and bed. Cloud like foam filling makes you feel amazingly comfortable and dream about clouds. Ideally moulds to your body contours. Within 30 seconds your can become a bed.

The Hip Deep Tissue Massager - This is massager with a unique shape and powerful percussive nodes that work deep into hip and lumbar tissue to loosen stiff muscles. - Hammacher Schlemmer

Looking for a powerful massager designed to work deep on your lumbar tissue and hips in order to relax stiff muscles? Use the Hip Deep Tissue Massager,

Garlic King Garlic Mincer - Leifheit Kitchen Storage and More - Events

Garlic King Garlic Mincer - Leifheit Kitchen Essentials // fabulous innovative design, they won awards

ha! wine calories glass

because really, "who cares?"The Caloric Cuvee, The Calorie Counting Wine Glass, measures wine in easy 2 ounce increments while allowing you to see the correlated calories. But who cares?

Little guy just chillin so cute!! :) ..

One-Of-A-Kind Gifts and Mr. Tea Infuser at Perpetual Kid. Throw some tea in your trousers! Tea Infuser is fun and easy to use! He's no fool!

Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler - http://www.netjunkyard.com/remote-controlled-rolling-beverage-cooler/

The Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler - Hammacher Schlemmer - if you're too lazy to walk over and get the beer, or too drunk, then you probably don't need another one.

How to cut wine bottles for re-use. An interesting idea for all you wine-lovers out there. #Wine #NicheEscapes #Travel

How to Turn Wine Bottles into Tumblers

Wine Bottle Tumblers is a craft tutorial on how to cut wine bottles and turn them into glass drinking tumblers with an additional tutorial on etching them.

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Folded Pocket Square //Price: $8.99 & FREE Shipping //   #manaccessoriesworld

Folded Pocket Square //Price: $8.99 & FREE Shipping // #manaccessoriesworld

Steam Spa - Portable Home Sauna

Steam Spa - Portable Home Sauna

Steam Spa, Steam Bath, Sauna Health Benefits, Portable Steam Sauna, Portable Homes, Natural Health, Spas, Ayurveda, Tent

Handkerchief box

It's a whale of a time! This whale tissue holder gave me the idea for a DIY project to do with the Mini Me. Changing everyday items into fun animals.