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If you really want to succeed in business and in life, one of the quickest, surest ways to the top is to leave everyone with whom you come in contact with the feeling of having gotten better - just for having seen you. #ollin #theollingroup

the sign of a beautiful person is that they always see the beauty in others. I must be an incredibly beautiful person then, bc I always look past the bad n see the beauty in others!

Beauty is being your best possible self, inside and out.  |   True beauty

Beauty is the best possible version of yourself on the inside out. Definition of beauty

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25 Pinnable Beauty Quotes to Inspire You

25 Pinnable Beauty Quotes to Inspire You: What sets your heart aflutter?: The notion of beauty in truly poetic form. Love of beauty vs creation as art

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Makeup is not a tool meant to make an ugly thing beautiful, it is meant only to magnify the beauty that already exists. So true!

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This is honestly one of the biggest skin care/makeup advice I can give to ANYONE. As someone who has a really dry skin, it really helps to keep facial lotion and body lotion on your skin at all times!