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Sulfa Allergy and Sulfite Allergy

There is much confusion regarding allergy to sulfa-containing drugs, sulfite as a preservative agent in foods and medications, sulfate salts of medications and the chemical element sulfur. Many of my patients assume that if they are allergic to one of these agents, then they are allergic to all of them. This is not necessarily true.

Super Soft Sugar Cookies

Super Soft Sugar Cookies - these are by far the best sugar cookies I've ever had. And they were incredibly easy to make. And weren't messy either! Great tips too!

What You Need to Know About Sulfite Allergies

Why food allergy fakers need to stop

Paper-Star Gift Toppers

A beautiful new take on the medallion, this DIY star topper can make a plain gift more festive. All you need is hot glue and the Martha Stewart Crafts all-purpose scissors and scoring board!

Copper Allergies

Considering the widespread use of copper in dentistry, medicine, industrial use, coinage and personal adornment, copper sensitivities are rare. According...