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@Kristine Meyer  Delhi Katmandou et délits cat mon doux ... pic.twitter.com/2KCkQdhCCj

The correct way to take a cat nap

There are so many cats around here, you would think they grew on trees...  ~~  Houston Foodlovers

Pinning for the description as much as the picture- Inspector Clouseau eez spying on you from zee garden pot.


I'll show you the way. he doesn't know it is a stuffed toy.


frenchie cute punch art card ~ Stampin Up Flexing Feline Photography - Daniel Borris' Yoga Kitten Series is Cute and Full of Zen

Are you up yet?...

Are you up yet?

This is what I wake up to every morning, except it's my cat, Elvis, and he wants to eat. and he's pawing my face or knocking things off of the nightstand!

pinterest | silveredskye ♕

Emma ♥ outstanding photo of dark tabby cat against white background standing on white magazines on white chair with back to us, perfect shot.

♥ Mademoiselle Rose ♥

Siesta Time in Paros, Greece- I loved the cats.

Weekly Inspirations Part 2 photo Audrey Kitching's photos

Humor is a terrible thing to waste, always be silly, laugh often and smile always!


I'z so cute, I can just lick my pawz and you takez a picture of me'z and it goz all over z internet. Aren't I sweet?

Hale, vámonos pa casa que toca el papeo!

Beautiful green eyed calico cat about to take a ride on a bicycle in the wire basket. The look on kitty's face leads us to believe that this may not be the most exciting adventure ever undertaken ;