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Thorbjoern Jagland

Gave Nobel Peace Prize to Obama! Nobel peace prize committee chairman Thorbjørn Jagland demoted Former Norwegian prime minister, who drew criticism for awarding prestigious prize to Barack Obama, to be replaced by deputy in unprecedented move

Could Trumps Plan For Helping Veterans Include Deported Ones?

After years of mismanagement, the Department of Veterans Affairs is undergoing major changes as its secretary, David Shulkin, receives bipartisan praise.

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Steve Scalise, House Majority Whip, shot at a baseball field in Alexandria

Brady Campaign Calls for Oregon Sheriff's Removal for Supporting Anti-Commandeering

Brady Campaign Calls for Oregon Sheriff’s Removal for Supporting Anti-Commandeering

Watch: Black Marine GOES OFF On ‘Black Lives Matter’ With Message ‘Facebook Is Trying To Silence’

In this video I'm addressing the black lives matter movement and their agendas to have blacks kill whites and be racist towards them. Become a Pateron https:.

The home intruder failed to heed the homeowner's warning and reached the couple…

Sevier County homeowner holds robbery suspect at gunpoint

AWR Hawkins explores the left’s meltdown that followed President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The judge reportedly told his class that employers “must ask females about their family and pregnancy plans to protect the company.

Mickey Novack, hatchery manager at Cronin National Salmon Station, with a female Atlantic salmon that returned to the Connecticut River in the spring.

Presumed dead, wild Atlantic salmon return to the Connecticut River

Biologists discover first instance of salmon spawning since Revolutionary War, bringing new attention to canceled federal restoration program

Social justice warrior As a pejorative - YouTube

Social justice warrior As a pejorative

Kurt Russell

Famous Actor Kurt Russell is well-known for his gun-carrying roles in Escape from New York and Tombstone. And while Hollywood is dominated by far-left gun hating liberals, Russell just announced …