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Autumn palette.  From what I read, I'm either a soft or deep autumn.  And from the colors I think look best on me, it's pretty accurate. I think I fall between seasons...

Colour Analysis for the Autumn Woman. Characteristics and best colors to wear if you are the Autumn type.

Summer color palette

I always thought I was a spring, but according to this site I am a cool summer. The pink skintones and natural blonde hair don& lie. Get your colors here.

Deep Autumn Color Palette @outfitideas4u.... realy liked this  pallete

Deep Autumn Seasonal Color Palette

Go to: Deep Autumn Main Page > Deep Autumn Color Palette (Shaded Autumn) Here is your deep autumn color palette (aka shaded autumn color…

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Light Spring Color Palette SCAS Light Spring has more softened colours by white, light tints, warm to neutral pastels.


Spring Autumn Color Palette Colors That go With Your Skin Tone Spring Summer Fall Winter Personal Color Seasons Colors Clear Spring Color Palette Color Summer Spring

Toned or Soft Autumn palette from outfitideas4you.com

Toned Autumn Color Palette (Soft Autumn Deep) As a Deep Autumn, I think this Toned Autumn palette would be very flattering to me too. There's not one color on it that makes me go yuck, except maybe the chocolate and the purple.

Here is your complete soft autumn color palette! Not sure if you are a Soft Autumn? Take the online seasonal color analysis quiz <= Click here to take the quiz.  When in doubt, sign up for my personal seasonal color analysis... I'm glad to help! Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis: War

Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Palette

Warm Autumn Color Palette @outfitideas4u

Warm Autumn Seasonal Color Palette

Soft Summer Color Palette @outfitideas4u soft summer / Цветотип мягкое лето

Soft Summer Color Palette

Warm Autumn Skin Tone Color Palette | For autumn, I've moved the famous navy up to neutrals. Cue: navy jeans ...

Capsule wardrobe Autumn colour palette katberries This number of colours, but I'll change a few for my minimalist wardrobe.

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Of course I love all these earthy colors, but love the dark periwinkle, purple, and lighter periwinkle for a pop of color with the earth tones!

Tinted Summer Color Palette (Light Summer)

Tinted Summer Color Palette (Light Summer)