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Read more to find out why Small World play is important.

For Your Startup to Thrive, You Need to Build Value for More Than Just Customers Etsy article, growth , growth of Mom and Pop shops

Why play is so important for kids

The Importance of Play

Why play is so important for early childhood and school age children, with excerpts from Po Bronson's Nurture Shock.

you can not control play. kids want a sence of adventure and freedom when they play, they want to be able to build with whatever they want.

Toy Industries of Europe (TIE) teamed up with Early Childhood Ireland to ask children what they think about play.

Snowy land from Stimulating Learning with Rachel (",)

A Snowy Land

DON'T LET THE ARTS DIE. I was a late bloomer, the arts kept me from giving up on school and education.  Sorry teachers, I believe this cartoon is too too true.  Learning about LIFE,HUMANITY AND ART is a part of the classroom that has all but disappeared. Want to lower drop out rates give children back ART.  Art touches the soul like no other subject and facilitates the child's ability to care about something outside of self. ART adds joy back to learning for the child who needs it most.

Cartoon that shows children taking test. The teacher says come away from the window. You don't want to be a Child Left Behind do you?

Brute Zaku Custom | by OrangeKNight

I figured my semi Zaku Inspired Brute could use some more Zaku, so I made it a Zaku Machine Gun and Heat Hawk!

To worksheet or not to worksheet? That is the question. https://www.teachersolutions.com.au/resources/teaching-strategies/to-worksheet-or-not

Do worksheets help students learn? What do students learn using them? Read on to learn more.

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Lego is getting into the consumer electronics field. Coming soon will be the Lego digital camera, video cameras, players, walkie talkies.