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Truth In Plain Sight Shower Curtain by Meiers Daniel. This shower curtain is made from polyester fabric and includes 12 holes at the top of the curtain for simple hanging. The total dimensions of the shower curtain are wide x tall.

President Kennedy's Situation Room Maps There are postings out on the internet that question the use of a Flat Earth Map in the Kennedy White House. The first photo above, shows a picture of...

President Kennedy's Situation Room Map of Flat Earth. Governments and Militaries use flat earth maps for accurate planning.

This has some cool info on maps that would look very cool printed out.    The Flat Earth theory has gained a surprising amount of traction in recent years, thanks largely to YouTube. What exactly do Flat Earthers believe?

Understanding the (Really Ridiculous) Core Tenets of the Flat Earth Hypothesis

myimaginarybrooklyn: “ La Nouvelle maniere de representer le Globe terrestre … inventée par Louis de Mayerene Turquet “First edition of this rare map of the world on a north polar Postel azimuthal projection with equidistant concentric circles of.

Convertible Camper Bed: Turn a Pickup Into a Camper. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

Convertible Camper Bed: Turn a Pickup Into a Camper - Do It Yourself

Convertible Camper Bed: Turn a Pickup Into a Camper. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine. Even though we have a motorhome, I thought this was clever for a truck with a camper shell.

VERY GOOD VIDEO!!!!  Recommended for anyone receiving this in their news feed...Flat Earth - CSA, ARTE 360° camera... still flat!!!

So i found this footage today on their website and once i completed my video they removed it from their site, so think i found some gold footage here.

Moon luminary

How can you think that the earth is flat. Do you people live under a rock and just refuse to except scientific evidence.


Man Finds Mysterious Book That Can Not Be Explained

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Flat earth #nasalies i just laughed way too hard

It's Buzz Aldrin's footprint, the man who was with Neil Armstrong. Look on Snopes for the story.>>>The comments are hilarious btw!

Questioning FLAT EARTH Sermon PREACHED IN CHURCH ⛪ - YouTube

Pastor Charles Lawson introduces his church to flat earth and the bible. Watch this powerful sermon and start to ask quest.

Veritas - Eric Dubay - Part 1 of 2 - Dissecting the Flat Earth Theory

Join me and Mel Fabregas of Veritas Radio for a discussion about the greatest deception in history, the mother of all conspiracies, NASA and Freemasonry's bi.