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Just as NASA’s Kepler space telescope was to begin a unique survey of planets without parent stars, ground control teams discovered the observatory had put itself into emergency mode due to an unknown technical problem.

When the star that created this supernova remnant exploded in 1572, it was so bright that it was visible during the day. And though he wasn't the first or only person to observe this stellar spectacle, the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe wrote a book about his extensive observations of the event, gaining the honor of it being named after him.

See the Sharpest-Ever View of Mercury's Transit Across the Sun

A new video shows the highest- spatial- resolution view of Mercury migrating across the surface of the sun. The images were captured by the New Solar Telescope in California, on May 9.

This is NASA's new concept spaceship for warp drive interstellar travel

NASA Is Designing A Ship That Can Travel Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Move Over, Star Trek: NASA Is Developing A Fully-Functional Warp Drive ... see more at

Facebook offers a free VR audio tool thanks to a buyout

Anyone with a Mac can produce immersive sound to go with their VR videos.