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Johnlock wedding - Sherlock would lean closer and whisper the most romantic thing that John had ever heard OH THANK GOD I THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD

I was thinking John died first and Sherlock was crying about that. I was about to start crying until I finished scrolling down.

Two Birds with One Kiss by on @deviantART    My Dearest Gatiss and Moffat,    This is how that scene should've gone.    me: Oh yess xD

Aww bwahahah Jawn's face at the end this is as far as Johnlocke should ever go. Haha <-- pinning because John's facial expressions

Ah, I will go a couch. Couch will work, too.<<look at how Sherlocks just smiling

Ah, I will go and.find another.or a couch. Couch will work, too.<<look at how Sherlocks just smiling <<<<< John looks actually scared<<I don't ship johnlock but CUTE!

SHxJW kiss on the scar by on @deviantART *Explosion of feels*

Okay first: Yeah I didn't use my OC's cause I wanted to use Holmes characters. YEAH I mix three different Holmes series. There isn't all questions what were in orginal meme 'cause I wa.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwww

WHAT IS THIS LIFE. i don't really know what this is but it is pretty much the most adorable thing I have ever seen<< only the Sherlock fandom has fanart of one of their main characters as a bat giving the other main character a flower

This is like the best crossover ever- Sherlock and Harry Potter

John and Sherlock as Hogwarts Students. Though I think that Sherlock would think Ravenclaw would be too boring for him and would have chosen Slytherin instead. naaah he'd get bored of the strutting wannabe so called geniuses

Do you just carry on talking when Im away by johanirae on deviantART

I don't ship Johnlock, but This is hilarious. (It bothers me that the ring is in the wrong finger though)