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How To Stay Healthy Without Risking Your Health

How To Boost Your Immune System - the Sweet Clean Living Beginner's Guide

There was a time in history where most jobs were done while standing. As technology improved a large portion of that work could be done on a computer. Since then we have seen a dramatic shift in not only how we get our jobs done, but the kind of toll sitting all day has on the human body. This infographic reviews the importance of desk ergonomics and how to prevent some common pains caused by poor ergonomics.

Infographic: The Importance of Desk Ergonomics

Not Sleeping? It Could Be Your Gut Health

Sleep deprivation slowly whittles away at your health, wellbeing and happiness. In the long term, not getting enough sleep can even increase our risk of getting metabolic diseases! Find out how the solution to better sleep could reside in your gut.

A Lifetime of Medical Checkups - Capture Billing

A Lifetime of Medical Checkups

A Lifetime of Medical Checkups Infographic. Regular medical exams and saving your life whether you're 20 or

It’s a familiar story! You’ve pledged to honor a routine and count every last calorie to lose your belly fat. But soon, you’re eating cupcakes at the office and grabbing happy hour mojitos. You’re thinking “Oops! Diet over!” Don’t  worry though. There is a better way. We have put together 19 easy

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast With These 16 Easy Tips

Weight Loss Tips: 16 Tips For Men and Women To Lose Belly Fat! Tips include eating healthy, working out and drinking water!

Liver Cleansers - nearly everybody has a "fatty" liver and is at risk for some type of disease ~ de-tox with these foods

TheMotivatedType on Etsy

Fatty liver diet guidelines, info and samples. What to eat, and what to avoid, if you have fatty liver disease.

Hypothyroidism food list

5 Worst Cooking Oils for Your Thyroid Written by Tom Brimeyer Today I want to talk about a very important but confusing topic that has a much bigger impact on your thyroid than you realize. There is a lot of confusing and false

Solutions for Kids' Sleep Problems Late-night visitations  It's tempting to just scooch over when your child wants to get into bed with you. But stay strong and walk him back to his room. And if he tends to climb in while you're sound asleep, Dr. Mindell suggests attaching a bell to your child's doorknob or yours. When you hear it ring, get up and quickly and quietly escort him back to his room.

Solutions for Kids' Sleep Problems

Loud Life: Top Self Development Quotes Self-improvement, motivation, inspiration, tips, better life, positivity, happiness, ideas, tips, advices

Top Self Development Quotes That Will Make You A Better Person

Loud Life: Top Self Development tips for a better life. positivity, happiness, ideas, tips, advices

How to Fire Up Your Thyroid - PositiveMed  -  http://positivemed.com/2013/01/23/how-to-fire-up-your-thyroid/

How to Fire Up Your Thyroid

Thyroid Healing Program Infographic - link is to some kind of affiiate program, but this has some good basic info such as helpful tests for thyroid function and effects of hypothyroidism like depression and infertility.