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Ruby Rose, Rwby

dragonsroar: “Rest in peace, Monty Oum. ”

Monty Oum, creator of RWBY, passed away on February You can read about it here. I'm a huge fan of his work, and I almost can't believe he's gone. Rest in Peace, Monty Oum

Casual Rose

Casual Rose

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RWBY Official Japanese Fanbook Ilustrated by Shihou (Touhou Project fan artist)

RWBY - Ruby Rose by sakamotoseiyaku.

Anime picture with rwby ruby rose kurohane single tall image short hair highres brown hair simple background white fringe sitting red hair looking away bare legs multicolored hair hair between eyes arm support silver eyes girl

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re 381813 dress red_flowers ruby_rose rwby thighhighs torn_clothes weapon.

RWBY, RubyRose

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RWBY volume 4 Rubys new outfit

This is some Pokémon level quickness

Ruby Rose

Inspiration for Gretel, a young sidekick to Redd. After being saved from the Brood Witch at the Gingerbread House, Gretel must leave her monstrous brother behind.

RWBY ruby rose


artist name belt black gloves black legwear blush dress fingerless gloves gloves holding holding weapon jacket koyorin lance long sleeves looking at viewer open clothes open jacket polearm red dress red hair red jacket red scarf ruby rose rwby scarf

Ruby Rose. IM BAAAAAAAAAACCCKKKK!!!!!! Did anyone miss me? No?......well boo hoo!!

7 This is my favorite anime character. Her name is Ruby Rose and she is from RWBY.