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Stunning Calico Kitten - 20th June 2016 - We Love Cats and Kittens

Cats of Imgur pt. 2 - Album on Imgur

Cats of Imgur pt. 2 - Album on Imgur

Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

Spaanse lynx

Sweet Medicine: SECRET - Azahar, one of the Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus), involved in the conservation program developed by both Iberian countries in an attempt to prevent its extinction.

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My bestie has the cutest little munchkin cat in the world… meet Theo! I’ve never seen a cat sit on his paws like this before.

Beautiful Caracal

Beautiful Caracal

Baby Jaguarundi | Having spent several hours just sitting near mother and kitten to earn ...

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Calico Kitten: Licking - If your cat is grooming you, it means they see you as part of their family, and is showing love for you. Kittens mostly, while adult cat rarely bestow their owners with licks.

Volunteer with Via Volunteers in South Africa and check out our beautiful babies in the wild! Leopard cub by Sarah Walton Cute.

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Did you know that if you have an outdoor cat its 50 percent chance if its a female it will have bobcat babies with a bobcat male