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30 Days Blogging – Day 6: Something I’m Proud Of

30 Days Blogging – Day 6: Something I’m Proud Of

12 Secret Facebook Features EVERY Marketer Should Be Using

12 Secret Facebook Features EVERY Marketer Should Be Using

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Medical Home Adoption: Paving the Road to Patient Satisfaction. Learn more about becoming an NCQA Recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home at http://www.ncqa.org/Programs/Recognition/PatientCenteredMedicalHomePCMH.aspx

Infographic highlights how the patient centered medical home has been shown to lower costs while improving healthcare outcomes and patient satisfaction

Learn 3 steps to prioritize population health interventions.

Apple bet big on health care—and these 3 health systems took a bite

Nursing Art @Faith C thought you might appreciate this :)

I’m so excited to be a nurse after this semester! …if i pass lol “ justanurse: “ juanamariarn: “ When you’re a nurse you know that everyday you will touch a life or a life will touch.

Blood Types in the World@Blood types and charts! Learn a bit but enjoy your experiences !@Pinterest is an okay place for knowledge, but I recommend data and info. from other resources, also@have a great time!SHERRY500DIESEL,INC@Pinterest boards links for u!@ #infographics

Blood Types in the World Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Health category. Check out Blood Types in the World now!

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From CDW Healthcare: Patient experience is rapidly becoming a top priority in healthcare. See how HCAHPS scores are driving improvements in technology.