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Laurie Hardin: Ghoultide Gathering and A Halloween Blog Sale

Ghoultide Gathering is this weekend, October in Chelsea, Michigan. If you are in the area and love Halloween art it is some of the fine.

WITCHCRAFT P56 The term is sometimes used in Masonic rituals. Craft Name It is the custom in Withcraft to adopt a new name upon initiation. This reflects ones new identity as a witch. You may only disclose your craft name to other members of the coven. Certain covens have strict rules about disclosing craft names to outsiders. The main reason for secrecy around craft names is because of the power of names in witchcraft.

Another witch sketch I doodled a few weeks ago. This is Cassandra and her Bat Brew friend :) Yes I’m excited for Halloween, even though I’m probably not dressing up this year (watching some good horror movies is my idea of a good time)

Something along these lines would be marvelous!

Colin Stimpson happy halloween whimsical pencil art illustration witches first hat or spell graduation

Художник - иллюстратор Francois Ruyer. Озорное колдовство :)

Художник - иллюстратор Francois Ruyer. Озорное колдовство :)

Your daily witch!  https://www.facebook.com/StagiWorks#

Your daily witch! https://www.facebook.com/StagiWorks#

In her defense the cat actually looks pretty upbeat. Maybe it finds the choke-hold comforting.

Brujería is the Spanish-language word for "witchcraft". Brujería also refers to witch-healers in the Americas (especially Latin America and the United States). Both men and women can be witches; brujo(s) and bruja(s), respectively.