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All in one.

Read also on Offsomedesign Have a nice morning breakfast! Silicone snail – wineglass label or teabag holder Purple Locket by Artefact Creative mother book

Touch of Modern - Ostrich Pillow is a quirky yet revolutionary idea that enables easy power naps anytime, anywhere. This design offers a micro environment in which to take a cozy and comfortable power nap at ease. Ostrich Pillows have a soothing, soft interior that shelters and isolates your head/hands for a short break for total versatility. All Ostrich Pillows are made with love in Spain. $84.00

The Power Nap Head Pillow - The pillow allows users to tune out their surroundings, creating a dark, quiet microenvironment ideal for achieving a deep, restful sleep whether stranded in a crowded airport or recharging between meetings at work.

Rain Drum umbrella

Rain Drum - Rain drum is an innovative umbrella that features various kinds of sound, making the most interesting amusement for user during rainy days. The Rain Drum umbrella is an idea of the designer Dong Min Park.

love the second pic but the bath one is impractical

double bath and night light with with removable glow spheres, I like the nightlight

Joulies---They cool down your coffee to the perfect temperature and keep it warmer longer. I must have some.

Love seeing stuff i first heard of on shark tank! Coffee Joulies - keep your coffee or tea at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for up to five hours. I saw these on shark tank!

Utility Charge Tool Green ($18)

All-In-One Utility Charger, 21 Travel Accessories That Will Make Life So Much Easier

Ha! leaving the house drunk…just try

As brilliant as the Defendius Door Chain—which requires you work the chain through the maze to unlock it—it's sadly just a concept. But maybe that's a good thing, because sometimes leaving the house is hard enough already.

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Looks more like a funnel tube flattened. You can wear it over yourself like a barrel also.

Biscuits #biscuits portfolio #take away your breakfast

Biscuit Pocket: The Cup That Holds Your Cookies

Everyone loves a biscuit with their cuppa! Now you can carry around your delicious cookie wherever you take your tea with this awesome mug with biscuit pocket! Handmade ceramic mug.

Snoutlets!  If only for the name... who cares if it works!

Svintus power strip by Art Lebedev Studio. This is awesome, I want one with US plugs!

Scooby Doo Mug With Biscuit Holder

Celebrate cute and cool retro animated characters with our official Cartoon clothing, accessories and homewares.