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Thibaut Bachelier: Goni Montes

The Storm Line by Goni Montes Client: Popshot Magazine. This striking painting which uses just the shades of one color is one of the most beautiful I have seen of late. The colors and expression on the characters face just draw you in.

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This is a finished project for a custom poker card deck, developed under the summer faces: everything has been redesigned, but at the same time I kept a standard index for easy readability.The pips (nr. 2 to are quite standard, but the 4 su…

The Art Of Animation, HR-FM http://hr-fm.deviantart.com/

Kowloon Walled City Art Block - In the work of Japanese artist HR-FM, digital illustration meets pop art.

+ Ilustração :   O intenso trabalho de Johnny Dombrowski.

One thing I love about illustration is the variety of styles a single illustrator does nowadays. Everyone is multi-task, and also does lots of cool stuff, like this American artist, Johnny Dombrowski. His work is pretty amazing.

Illustration  Ilustração

I love the giant octopus /Kraken and that it's got an island on its head (the good) protected by what lives beneath (the bad) . Add a ship and a tentacle out of water bringing it down (the problem)

Apocalyptic Wasteland in the Release of Gas Mask/Helmet. Animals and insects about to meet impending doom.

Time for a new artist in our illustration series. This time some of the great illustrations made by Enkel Dika, an illustrator from Struga, Macedonië. He knows how to combine two stories into one image…

I just want to introduce another local artist to you.  Most paintings are acrylic and collage on wood. For more informations just check www.mateo-art.com

The Berlin Museum Zozoville led by American artist Mateo Dineen and Dutch artist Johan Potma is a fantasy world populated by bizarre creatures. Measures about 19

War paint

Starcrossed Tattoo by One Horse Town Illustration Studio, via Behance **design on face?

Highly Detailed Illustrations by Michal Dziekan

Highly Detailed Illustrations by Michal Dziekan