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Lego de Tom Bombadil. #tombombadil, #elhobbit, #tolkien

Lego de Tom Bombadil. #tombombadil, #elhobbit, #tolkien

this brings me such joy.

Anatomical LEGO Minifigure by Jason Freeny. for the docs kid. random-awesome-other-stuff

Tom Bombadil | HUMAN

Tom Bombadil got the shaft in those movies.

HAHAHA Don't know why butt this is hilarious!!!!

Funny pictures about Lego fun. Oh, and cool pics about Lego fun. Also, Lego fun photos.

That moment when The Two Towers are almost stolen.

That moment when the Two Towers were almost stolen

Now put what a hobbit and a dwarf on that scale <<< Hahahahahahahahahahahaha .... they'd be, like, smaller than Ancalagon's talon!!

Smaug seemed so big in the hobbit, yet in reality he was the smallest of them all. I can't imagine how Ancalagon the Black would look!

Only a true nerd would pin this to "useful" but hey, it would be a cool form of code! And Tolkien is awesome!

Débora evellyn - Google+

I added some colour and my design to Tolkien's logo. So this is a Christmas gift for all my Ringer friends, and is also for you, who love the world of A. A Gift from Tolkien

Tolkien --totally need this when i buy my house.  paint it on a sign, or over the front door, or ON the front door.  Love.

I want this on a board to hang on my front door! Tolkien Wall Decal by InspireMeArtandGraph on Etsy,