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M.A.S.H: The Final Episode  (1983)

M.A.S.H: The Final Episode (1983)

The ever so popular Eastlands..with tight rolled jeans of course ;)  --I thought I was so cool when I finally got a pair of these as a kid, lol!

Vintage Women's EASTLAND - complete with the Eastland knot! This was THE shoe at my Jr high . and you had to do the Eastland knot!

Remember these "Wacky Walkers"? In the 80's for a long time they were in Kellogg's Corn Pops cereal as the prize.

These Wacky Wall Crawlers could be found in your favorite sugary cereal box in the early to mid You would throw it on the wall and watch it slowly either crawl or just fall off the wall. Lol G;

If you wanted to get your own music without buying it, you had to either go shoplift records from the store or, like we all did, sit with our tape recorders by the radio, waiting till the dj finally played our favorite songs (only to have him usually screw it up by talking over the beginning of the song). Am I right? Anybody remember that?:)

Panasonic Cassette Tape Recorder with built in mic. I got this for my birthday in grade.I thought I was so cool! I could record songs off the tv and radio.Just be quiet!

Fantasy Island - De Plane!  De Plane! It was an awesome Saturday night when I got to stay up to watch this after The Love Boat. http://www.liketotally80s.com/2006/11/fantasy-island/

Fantasy Island - da plane, da plane (watched on Friday nights on Channel

If you didn't have this growing up, you knew someone that did.  And, that person was the luckiest person you knew.  Oh the life of making mix tapes...

The Sony Sports Walkman -- kept my cassettes safe and dry, when I walked many miles across campus during my college years. Yes, we listened to cassettes then. All kinds of mixed tapes. Discmans were a couple of years away, so we made tapes of them.

1980s Toys rubix cube .. Loved it spent hours of fun turning those squares back and forth and sideways until the colored stickers started to peel and wear off...

Total toy flashback: 1980s (18 photos)

The Rubik's Cube was released. Erno Rubik wanted to teach his kids about objects so he came up with the idea of the cube. There we over 43 quintillion ways to solve the cube, and since the over 100 million have been sold.

Playing The Oregon Trail during computer lab time… | 38 Things That Will Take '80s Kids Back To Their Elementary School Days

Playing The Oregon Trail during computer lab time...

My favorite game during school computer lab. I was part of the beginning of the generation in school that was taught how to use a computer, and let me tell you, Oregon Trail was high tech then!