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Riding in the snow.
Plump and long-tailed, American Tree Sparrows are busy visitors in winter backyards and weedy, snow-covered fields across southern Canada and the northern United States.
Kind of what I want Ari to look like... Facial structure wise. I want him to be very wolf-like. I like the piercing blue eyes too (especially since Anneliese will have bright blue eyes so why not match your dog haha). Not this color though. I'm thinking maybe black and white. Or something more wolf like in color. So basically looks just like a wolf but friendly! Haha
Alaskan Red Fox - incredibly beautiful when set against the snow!
Waah! Should be in Nature but he/she looks so cute in the wintery snow :)
red fox in snow | animal + wildlife photography
In the snow...love the tilt of his head, like he's saying "huh, why are they looking at me?"  tjn