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& This is why you ask questions before acting like a total elitist fucktard.

"show him your fucking BADGE!!"

XD So a farmer is going about his business. The big mean DEA officer wants to check for illegal plants. Farmer tries to be nice, but DEA officer is too in love with his badge. The bull would probably love to see it.

FedEx employs some funny aircraft mechanics

FedEx employs some funny aircraft mechanics

Clever FedEx technicians making life a little more awesome. Take time to read these and I bet you laugh out loud! Oh my gosh im laughing so hard

But seriously, what's creepier than thinking someone is watching you? Well, other than owning a cardboard cut out of Arnold Schwarzengger?

A man stands at his window, making parents nervous…the one under about the kitten is funny too

One of my periodic science puns. ;D

Read funny jokes and puns about chemistry. Laugh with Chemistry Jokes. Don't worry - our jokes are free and always will be.

Underneath all his masculinity, Batman is fabulous.

Forget the League of Shadows, Batman has joined the League of Eye Shadow, and found it fabulous! From the fertile mind of Anna Stiffler of Chaos Life, here's something you don't know about the Dark Knight: Link - via Pleated Jeans.


I used to do this in high school and the kid next to me would laugh so hard that the teacher would ask what's funny.


Here are 35 of the strangest, funniest, and most bizarre text messages to go viral online in This is the funniest thing I've ever read. The mints" made me laugh so hard!