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windypoplarsroom: Japanese Toy...

windypoplarsroom: Japanese Toy... (The 50 Watts tumblr)

In March BibliOdyssey unearthed and did thee definitive overview of the Ningyo-Do Bunko database, which features thousands of "late century watercolor sketches of toy designs.

Super excited to hang this in my living room. :) Sea Life Art Print Ocean Art

Sea Life Art Print - my awesome pen pal sent me something like this with an octopus!

Cameron Stalheim | Male mermaid, trapped, out of water, fantasy creatures

Cameron Stalheim - "and then I saw Colby on the Street and my fantasy died" 2014 - Media is Plastic, Foam, Steel, Acrylic. The artist created the mold from Colby Keller (pornstar).

Fyodor Pavlov is creating Art | Patreon

fyodorpavlov: “ The next three cards all together! The Lovers, The Chariot and Strength. You can see The Fool, The Magician and The High Priestess here, The Empress, The Emperor and the Hierophant.

Dando a volta

"The Balance" Christian Schloe The Egyptians believed that the heart was the source of reason. During mummification, they would dispose of the brain and preserve the heart in a jar.


girl blowing bubbles planets in outer space galaxies cosmos , Art Surreal Collages by Eugenia Loli