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Krishna, the Christ of India revered as incarnation of the supreme personality of God, who inspired divine love with the beautiful melodies from his flute

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☀ SHRI KRISHNA ॐ ☀ “The entire universe, which is full of living entities, is like a tree whose root is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Acyuta Krishna. Therefore simply by worshiping Lord Krishna.

O Kṛṣṇa, those who continuously hear, chant and repeat Your transcendental activities, or take pleasure in others' doing so, certainly see Your lotus feet, which alone can stop the repetition of birth and death. SB 1.8.36

GOVINDA Artist: Sarasvati Shri Krishna said: “A true yogi observes Me in all beings and also sees every being in Me. Indeed, the self-realized person sees Me, the same Supreme Lord, everywhere.”~Bhagavad Gita as it is To order a copy of.


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Jai Shri Krishna

Jai Shri Krishna

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HiNDU GOD: Narsinmha

By Chandan Bhatia Chand Kazi was the Chief Magistrate of Navadwipa. He was a devout & strict Muslim who was well versed in the Koran. As the Chief Magistrate of Navadwipa-Mayapur, he kept law a…

Narasimha, Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore by Aidan McRae Thomson, via Flickr

Narasimha, Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore by Aidan McRae Thomson, via Flickr


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